To motorize Colibri, here's what you need to know:

The motor should be a 7 RPM constant speed motor, like an AC synchronous motor. These motors are sometimes called synchronous gear motors. They are typically small and very quiet.

The motor must be able to handle at least 2x the torque required to drive Colibri. More torque is even better.

For safety, the motor should be UL recognized and should operate at voltage 24v or less.

The amount of torque a motor can handle when starting up is typically much less than its max torque rating. The motor must have a starting torque value greater than the max torque required to drive Colibri.

The motor should mount to the Support Frame part, not to the Base. By mounting to the Support Frame, the motor will move with the Frame and the hummingbird. If it is mounted to the Base, the timing of the mechanisms can be affected, leading to a more unnatural motion.

Never leave Colibri unattended while it is running.