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Detail and clarity from start to finish.

The projects and plans on this site were created with immense enthusiasm and passion. Every project was designed with ease of construction in mind, whether cutting with a scroll saw or CNC machine. All plans contain full scale patterns for wood parts, lists of all required parts and hardware, tips for an accurate and successful build, and illustrated step-by-step assembly instructions.

Standard formats: PDF + DXF

Each set of plans includes two PDF documents and multiple DXF files.

The PDF files come in two sizes. One is 8.5"x11" (letter) and contains the majority of the project's documentation. The other is 11"x17" (tabloid) and contains large patterns that cannot fit on smaller paper.

The DXF files contain spline-based patterns for plywood parts that can be loaded into CAM software and used with CNC machines.

Everything you need

The plans contain all the information required for a successful build. Each set contains:

The Basics
Steps for the overall build process as well as general notes.

An illustrated list of recommended and required power tools, hand tools, and supplies.

Tips + Tactics
Advice and information regarding topics such as pattern syntax, part tuning, general operation, and wall mounting.

Parts + Assemblies List
A bill of materials (BOM) containing the part type, description, and quantity for every part and subassembly.

Descriptions, quantities, and McMaster Carr part numbers* for all required off-the-shelf components.

Descriptions, quantities, and McMaster Carr part numbers* for all required rods and tubes.

Full scale patterns for all plywood parts, with part names, part thickness, and hole size callouts.

Step-by-step illustrated subassembly and top level assembly instructions, with exploded and collapsed views for each step.

To learn more, click the green "sample plans" button at the bottom of each project page. These free sample PDFs contain:
· all tools required to build each project
· all hardware and metal required for each project
· excerpts from Tips + Tactics pages
· excerpts from the Patterns pages and Assembly pages.

*McMaster Carr no longer ships internationally. Part numbers listed are only relevant to builders in the United States.


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