Riven is a motor driven wooden clock aimed at tearing apart traditional horological reduction methods. It is the first clock to use a system of dual stage hypocycloid reducers on a single shared rotation axis. With a design aesthetic inspired by tourbillons, Riven’s name applies also to its forms. For a brief moment at both noon and midnight, every gear, support, hand, and frame will align. An instant later, the forms split apart as each follows its own unique eccentric motion.


Floating Hand

Through the use of ultra high pull neodymium magnets, Riven's minute hand appears to defy gravity as it slowly glides along the clock's perimeter. It circles 360 degrees without ever touching the parts that drive its movement.

Hypocycloid Reducers

Riven's reduction mechanisms are a unique and perplexing sort. They produce a complex and enthralling visual effect while at the same time allowing all of Riven's moving parts to share the same single axis of rotation. The reduction ratios of each of Riven's three dual stage hypocycloid reducers were calculated with dsHypoGen, a software tool created specifically to aid in developing Riven.

Magnetic Fuse

To help protect the motor from being mechanically overloaded, a magnetic fuse is utilized. If any parts bind, or if the clock demands too much torque, two magnets split apart from each other, decoupling the motor from the rest of the drive train. A few seconds after separating, the mechanism automatically attempts to reconnect and reengage.

Easy Time Setting

To set the time, simply rotate the part that is magnetically coupled to the minute hand. The minute and hour hands move, and the hypocycloid reducers prevent any back driving, keeping the gearmotor from seeing any load.


Size 12.2" h x 9.5" w x 9" d

Motion Motor Driven

Run Time

Free Downloads

Riven Sample Plans  

The sample plans are a snippet of the purchased version. They contain a list of the tools needed, specifications for all required hardware, as well as samples of the wood patterns and assembly instructions.

Riven Sample DXF  

The sample DXF file can be used to test CAM software compatibility. For builders with CNC machines, the purchased version of the plans contains DXF files for all wood patterns.
  Riven Woodworking Plans

Woodworking plans are delivered digitally via email.
Plans are sold securely through PayPal and are delivered through Payloadz.

Plywood parts can be cut manually with printable patterns in PDF format, or they can be cut with a CNC machine using the included DXF files.

Plans contain two PDF document sizes:
• 8.5" x 11" paper for instructions and small patterns
• 11" x 17" paper for large patterns


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