If you like it, then you SHOULDN'T put a ring on it... on a nice table that is.
Use a MechaniCoaster instead. MechaniCoasters are minature tabletop kinetic sculptures that keep rings off of tables and add a touch of fun
to putting down a drink. Each coaster has a different mechanical movement, and each one is easy to build.



Rotate the outer ring of each coaster to see its insides come to life. Gears spin and walk, ratchets click, and radial patterns twirl.


As the outer ring of the ratchet is turned, its three spirals condense inward before snapping back out. You'll be asking yourself, why is this simple thing so satisfying?


Pins and holes in the corners of each coaster allow them to stack on top of each other. They were designed in such a way that their acrylic tops never contact the next highest coaster, helping to keep them scratch free.


Whether entertaining guests or just yourself, nobody is going to want to put these down.


Size (each) 4.25" h 4.25" w 0.5" d

Motion Hand Powered

Free Downloads

MechaniCoasters Sample Plans  

MechaniCoasters Sample DXF  

Sample STL

The sample plans are a snippet of the purchased version. They contain a list of the tools needed, specifications for all required hardware, as well as samples of the wood patterns and assembly instructions.

The sample DXF file and STL file can be used to test CAM software compatibility. For builders with CNC machines or 3D printers, the purchased version of the plans contains DXF files and STL files for all wood patterns.
  MechaniCoasters Woodworking Plans

Woodworking plans are delivered digitally via email.
Plans are sold securely through PayPal and are delivered through Payloadz.

Plywood parts can be cut manually with printable patterns in PDF format, or they can be cut with a CNC machine using the included DXF or STL files.

Plans contain one PDF document size:
• 8.5" x 11" paper for instructions and patterns


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