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Purchasing Derek Hugger's plans grants a non-commercial, personal use only license to the plan purchaser to recreate the copyrighted artwork documented within the plans. Whether partial or complete, any sculpture or artwork created from the information provided in the plans is for personal use only, may not be sold for profit, and may not be used for any commercial or institutional purposes without explicit written consent from the author and copyright holder. Physical printed copies of the plans may be made for the purchaser for his or her own personal use only. The plans in digital form or in printed form, whether partial or complete, may not be redistributed, may not be resold, and may not be used in any other work or publication. The contents of the plans are presented in good faith but without warranty and without guaranteed results.

Privacy Policy

Information Collected
No personal information received will be sold or distributed. When plans are purchased, this website collects the following information:
· buyer name
· buyer email address
· date of purchase
· name of plan purchased

This website does not collect, receive, or have access to any customer payment information such as credit or debit card numbers.

Third Parties
Payloadz and PayPal are used to sell plans from this website. These third parties have privacy policies that differ from the policies of this website. See payloadz.com and paypal.com for more information.

Return Policy

Plans are non-refundable, and all sales are final. Plans that have been purchased may not be exchanged for other plans. Please view and understand the contents in the free sample plans available at the bottom of each project page prior to making a purchase.

General Information and FAQ


Q. What is payloadz.com?

A. All plans on derekhugger.com are sold though Payloadz via PayPal. PayLoadz is a service website designed specifically for selling downloadable digital files. Conventional online stores notify the seller once an order has been placed. The seller then has to send the product to the buyer. This can take time, and the buyer has to wait. PayLoadz solves this problem, bypassing the interim step of contacting the seller, allowing the buyer to download the product immediately after purchase.

Q. When I buy plans, how soon will I receive them?
A. Using PayLoadz and PayPal is fast. As soon as payment is received, an email is sent to you from PayLoadz with a download link. You should receive an email within a few minutes.

Q. I purchased plans, but I never received an email. What happened?
A. Check your spam/junk folder. Odds are, your mail server didn't recognize Payloadz and filtered the email out of your inbox.

Q. Why do you sell only digital files? Why not sell paper copies?
I've decided to sell the plans as digital downloads for several reasons. First, there's no waiting. As soon as the plans are purchased, the buyer receives an automated email with a link to the files. Second, there are no shipping costs. Next, less paper is wasted. Although some people prefer to print the entire set of plans, others only print the wood patterns. People who use CNC machines to cut the wood parts don't need to print anything at all. And, for those people who need DXF files for their CNC machines, a paper copy of the plans is simply unnecessary. What it comes down to is that distributing the files digitally rather than on paper is cheaper, faster, and greener.

Q. On the Store page, each plan set has a revision level. What do those letters mean?
The revision level is essentially the "version" of the plans. The first letter represents the version of the standard that is universal across all plans on this site. For example, the first letter of all plans became "A" when they were all updated to include DXF files. The second letter represents the version of that individual plan set. If the second letter of a revision is "A," it is that plan set's initial release. If the second letter is any other letter, that plan set has received updates. Every plan set comes with a document outlining its revision history, including details about what changed in each revision. Revision history for each project can also be viewed online by clicking the revision letters on the Store page.

Q. I purchased plans and downloaded the file, but I cannot open it. What's wrong?

The file you received is a .zip file, which is a standard file format. Make sure to download it to a Mac or PC. Do not use a tablet or smartphone to download the plans, as these devices typically do not know how to open .zip files.

Q. I have plans with a revision that's older than what is currently shown on the Store page. Can I get an updated set of plans?
Yes. Contact me using the same email address you used to purchase the plans, and I will send you a new download link.

Units, Scale, and Printing

Q. What units do the plans use, SAE or Metric system?
A. SAE. Although I much prefer Metric, being in the United States, SAE components are much easier for me to find. Unfortunately, I cannot offer Metric versions.

Q. Are the plans available in just 8.5" x 11" paper size (no 11" x 17")? Can I just print the larger parts on 8.5" x 11" paper?
Unfortunately no. Due to the nature of many of the larger parts (important hole placements, center of gravity, etc.) it is highly recommended that they be printed to scale on a single sheet of paper.

Q. I don't have a printer that can print 11" x 17" pages. How can I print the large patterns?
A. Most stores that make copies, such as Staples or FedEx Office, can make 11x17 copies. Be sure to ask them to print at 100% scale and DO NOT use the "Fit to Page" or "Scale to Fit" option.

Q. My parts don't align right. The sizes look off. What's wrong?
Make sure to always print the patterns at 100% scale. Never use the "Scale to Fit" or "Fit to Page" option when printing the patterns.


Q. What kind of wood is used in your sculptures?
Baltic birch plywood.

Q. What types of tools do I need for these projects?

At the bottom of each project page, there is a free download for sample plans. Lists of required and recommended tools can be found in all project plan samples. Samples also list all required off-the-shelf parts.

Q. Are kits available?
A. No. Though it would be great to offer them, I do not have the tools or resources to make and keep the inventory of parts required for my projects. For now and for the foreseeable future, plans are the way to go.

Q. Are the projects on this site difficult to make?
I strive to make my plans as easy to follow, clear, and concise as I can, so it is my hope that although a project may be time consuming, it is not necessarily difficult. The true key to a woodworking project is patience, time, and attention to detail. To get an idea for the complexity of each project, have a look at the free sample plans. Sample plans are available at the bottom of each project's webpage. These free PDF files list all the tools you will need, list all the required hardware, and have samples of patterns and assembly instructions.

Q. Plans include part numbers for off-the-shelf components, like fasteners and metal tubes. What suppliers do the part numbers reference?
Though a handful of components reference Amazon and Stock Drive, most reference part numbers from McMaster Carr. Please note that McMaster no longer ships internationally, so these part numbers are only relevant to people living in the United States.

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