Gyres are the perfect introduction to kinetic art. They are simple wooden kinetic sculptures that are quick and easy to build. With a spin of a Gyre's wheel, its moving patterns come to life. Choose from a nautilus, a turtle, a snail, or build all three.

$19 each

Super Simple

The only moving parts on each Gyre are a wooden wheel and two bearings. Thre are no springs, no weights, and no complex mechanisms to build.

Quick to Build

With their low part counts and simple construction, it is possible to build each Gyre in as little as one day.

Organic Forms

Gyres' shapes match their motions; they're smooth and flowing. All the forms are curved and tapered, with no parallel lines, and no straight edges.

Hypnotic Motion

Gyres create a fascinating and hypnotizing motion, creating the illusion that their spinning wheels are both growing and shrinking at the same time.


Motion Hand Powered

Run Time
~ 1 Minute

Snail   9.7" h x 16.1" w x 2.0" d

Nautilus   8.8" h x 16.2" w x 2.0" d

Turtle   14.7" h x 16.4" w x 2.0" d

Free Downloads

Gyre Sample Plans  

Gyre Sample DXF  

Gyre Sample STL  

The sample plans are a snippet of the purchased version. They contain a list of the tools needed, specifications for all required hardware, as well as samples of the wood patterns and assembly instructions.

The sample DXF file and STL file can be used to test CAM software compatibility. For builders with CNC machines or 3D printers, the purchased version of the plans contains DXF files and STL files for all wood patterns.
  Gyre Woodworking Plans

Woodworking plans are delivered digitally via email.
Plans are sold securely through PayPal and are delivered through Payloadz.

Plywood parts can be cut manually with printable patterns in PDF format, or they can be cut with a CNC machine using the included DXF or STL files.

Plans contain two PDF document sizes:
• 8.5" x 11" paper for instructions
• 11" x 17" paper for patterns

$19 each

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