Halo is a spring-powered, fully mechanical, wooden marble machine. Give the winder a spin, and step back to watch a group of marbles flow one-by-one down two unique sets of wooden tracks. To aid in the marbles' journey, Halo's marble lift mechanism is based on the physics of eddy currents, allowing a simple magnetic mechanism to silently limit the speed of Halo's lift ring and allow each marble to effortlessly travel up to the top of the tracks at a near-constant speed.


Virtual Pivot

One of the magical elements of Halo is its lift ring. This large wooden ring lifts marbles from the bottom of Halo up to the top, and it does so with no central pivot point. The ring rides on eight bearings to create a virtual pivot, while leaving room inside Halo for tracks weave their way in and out.

Hidden Winder

To wind Halo's spring, a magnetic lever is hidden inside the spring's larger drum. Press the small outer button, and the winder pops out, ready for use. Spin the winder around to wind the spring, and then fold it back into the drum and watch Halo's marbles gracefully glide down its two tracks.

Two Tracks

A switch at the top of Halo changes direction each time a marble drops, allowing each marble to venture down two different organically shaped, weaving tracks. Marbles roll up and down and side to side as they continue their cyclic journey.

Magnetic Limiter

A simple principle of physics allows Halo to lift marbles at a slow and near-constant speed: eddy currents. These currents are induced by rotating an array of magnets in close proximity to a conductive plate. In turn, they generate their own magnetic fields that resist the movement of the magnets.


Size 16.8" h x 17.9" w x 6.3" d

Motion Spring Powered

Run Time
~ 2 minutes

Free Downloads

Halo Sample Plans  

Halo Sample DXF  

Halo Sample STL  

The sample plans are a snippet of the purchased version. They contain a list of the tools needed, specifications for all required hardware, as well as samples of the wood patterns and assembly instructions.

The sample DXF file and STL file can be used to test CAM software compatibility. For builders with CNC machines or 3D printers, the purchased version of the plans contains DXF files and STL files for all wood patterns.
  Halo Woodworking Plans

Woodworking plans are delivered digitally via email.
Plans are sold securely through PayPal and are delivered through Payloadz.

Plywood parts can be cut manually with printable patterns in PDF format, or they can be cut with a CNC machine using the included DXF or STL files.

Plans contain two PDF document sizes:
• 8.5" x 11" paper for instructions and small patterns
• 11" x 17" paper for large patterns


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