Each kinetic sculpture, clock, and machine aims to meticulously blend art with engineering.
Carefully crafted woodworking plans are available for purchase and download.

FRAUD ALERT! Several Chinese companies have been advertising on social media, using photos and videos stolen from my website, and they are claiming to sell kits of my Colibri sculpture. These ads are scams, what they're doing is illegal, and what you'll receive from them is garbage. A video about these knockoffs has been posted to my Facebook page if you'd like to learn more: https://www.facebook.com/DerekHuggerKineticArt/videos/921888382048909

If you see these fradulent ads on social media, please do the following:
 1. Comment on the ad that it is a scam.
 2. Comment with a link to the real Colibri webpage - www.derekhugger.com
 3. Report the ad to the social media platform.

Thank you for your support!

Lifelike intricacy from magically fluid mechanisms.

Spring powered, rotating abstractions.

Useful meets artful.

Intrigue for the curious and playful.

Perfect introductions to kinetic art.

Non-moving throw-back artwork.

For the latest news and sculpture videos, be sure to follow the derekhuggerkineticart page on Facebook.

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